EDLD 5303 Weekly Discussions

Week 1:  

Review and discuss the following articles and related links:

Week 2:  

Go & Show Vs Sit & Get

If we simply build upon the minimalist definition of an eportfolioas a learner’s digital evidence of meaningful connections, then the answer to why one would want to create an eportfoliois to show those meaningful connections. This notion of showing what one has created, developed, built, written or assembled is an extremely important aspect of an effective learning environment that is often over-looked beyond the show & tell sessions that we fondly remember from primary school.

Review the following posts and articles and discuss your thoughts why we should or shouldn’t use an eportfoliowith you classmates:

Why use an eportfolio

Reflection4Learning –

41 Benefits of an eportfolio


Week 3:  


To promote deeper learning the Lamar University master’s degree in Digital Learning and Leading (DLL) uses eportfoliosthat use the COVA Model which includes

  • The freedom to choose (C) how they wish to organize, structure and present their experiences and evidences of learning.

  • Ownership (O) over the entire eportfolioprocess – including selection of projects and their portfolio tools.

  • The opportunity to use their own voice (V) to revise and restructure their work and ideas.

  • Authentic (A) learning experiences that enable students to make a difference in their own learning environments.

Choice, ownership and voice play a very significant role in the epotfolioprocess in the DLL program, but why is ownership of the eportfolioso important? Consider how much ownership and control you have been given. Please review the following posts and articles and discuss with your classmates why the ownership of the eportfolioprocess is so important to the learner.

Who owns the eportfolio
Please take some time to follow the links within the document. A few are highlighted below but it is your responsibility to review all the course material

Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It?

The Web We Need to Give Students.

Campbell, G. (2009). A Personal Cyberinfrastructure-ERM0957.pdf

Week 4:  

I have always held the position that I will not ask my students to do something that I don’t or won’t do myself. I have been using an eportfoliofor many years with my high schools students and in my professional life, my current version is located at http://www.edjuvinator.com, which now serves more as a resource for consulting services I provide.

The Examples of Eportfolioshttp://www.harapnuik.org/?page_id=5979lists dozens of eportfolios from a wide range of people.

Review the eportfoliosfrom previous DLL students in the Lamar University Digital Learning and Leading Graduate Students section of the page and at least one other eportfoliofrom the other sections and discuss your thoughts about and what you have learned from these examples with your classmates.



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